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We help ensure our region has a safety net of stable nonprofits poised to answer the call of our neighbors in need and the collective generosity of Leadership Givers strengthens our community in times of disaster and crises. A gift of $1,000 or more helps make our community safer, healthier and better equipped for the future. Join more than 7,000 United Way Leadership Givers in creating a region where our neighbors can live their best possible lives.

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Our Leadership Societies

de Tocqueville Society

The de Tocqueville Society recognizes local philanthropic leaders who contribute an annual gift of $10,000 or more to United Way and promotes the vital role of personal philanthropic action.

Charmaine Chapman Society

The Charmaine Chapman Society is the nation’s premier Black leadership society, with hundreds of local members connecting, celebrating, and learning from one another. 

Men’s Leadership Society

The Men’s Leadership Society recognizes donors and connects them with other community-focused individuals through service projects and networking events. 

Multicultural Leadership Society

Multicultural Leadership Society celebrates our region’s diversity by engaging and uniting individuals from all cultures and recognizing professionals who value the importance of philanthropy. 

Women’s Leadership Society

The Women’s Leadership Society supports and empowers women by providing an inspiring community, connecting members with philanthropic opportunities, and developing skills to lead. 

United Young Leaders

United Young Leaders connects the next generation of local leaders and philanthropists in St. Louis and collaborates to make a difference through volunteerism, networking, and leadership opportunities. 

Are you seeking to take the next step in your charitable giving journey? There are several ways to incrementally increase your giving level over a few years while immediately unlocking benefits through our Leadership Giving and de Tocqueville Societies.

We would be delighted to assist you in achieving your philanthropic objectives through our Step Up Programs. To learn more, please contact Meghan Freeman, Director of Leadership Giving, at meghan.freeman@stl.unitedway.org or (314) 539-4035.

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