de Tocqueville Society

de Tocqueville Society recognizes local philanthropic leaders who contribute an annual gift of $10,000 or more to United Way.


A rich history and profound passion for the community are hallmarks of the de Tocqueville Society. Members provided the bold vision and inspired generosity that invigorates United Way’s mission to help people live their best possible lives. 


A gift of $10,000 or more unlocks membership with an elite group of like-minded individuals driven to make a difference. 
We also offer a unique de Tocqueville Step-Up Program that allows you to gradually step-up to an annual gift of $10,000 or more while enjoying the benefits the society has to offer.


In 1987, United Way of Greater St. Louis created the de Tocqueville Society to celebrate champions of philanthropy and volunteerism in our region. de Tocqueville society members have a passion for the community and provide a bold vision that embraces United Way’s mission to help people live their best possible lives.

Join the Society

Becoming a de Tocqueville member reveals a good deal about who you are. It shows others that you are dedicated to making a better world for others. It allows you to strengthen your community. Start your journey today. 

Step-Up to the Next Level

Are you seeking to take the next step in your charitable giving journey? There are several ways to incrementally increase your giving level over a few years while immediately unlocking benefits through our Leadership Giving and de Tocqueville Societies.

We would be delighted to assist you in achieving your philanthropic objectives through our Step Up Programs. To learn more, please contact Meghan Freeman, Director of Leadership Giving, at or (314) 539-4035.

Current de Tocqueville Society Chairs

Jacqueline Applegate, Bayer
Stacey L. Slater, Bayer Crop Science

Past de Tocqueville Society Chairs

Jacqueline Applegate
Crystal Ross-Smith
Patrick E. Smith, Jr.
Stacey L. Slater

Tim and Debra Niemann 
Patrick Smith and Crystal Ross-Smith 

2019-2020: Jim and Merry Mosbacher 

2018:  John Beuerlein 

2017: Dr. Tim Eberlein 

2016: Don Ross 

2014 – 2015: John Stupp, Jr. 

2013: Walt and Nancy Galvin 

2012: Doug and Lynn Yaeger 

2011: Rich McClure and Sharon Buchanan-McClure 

2010: David and Lelia Farr 

2009: Arnold and Hazel Donald 

2008: Ward and Carol Klein 

2007: Patrick Stokes 

2006: Stacey and Jim Weddle 

2005: Mrs. Stephen F. Brauer 

2004: Shaun R. and Kelly Hayes 

2003: Jack and Debbie Thomas 

2002: John E. and Barbara S. Jacob 

2001: Mrs. Stephen F. Brauer 

1999 – 2000: Jerry and Peggy Ritter 

1998: Andrew B. Craig III and Virginia C. Craig 

1997: Sam and Marilyn Fox 

1995 – 1996: Mrs. Stephen F. Brauer 

1994: Carol and George H. Walker III 

1993: Jean and Wells Hobler 

1992: Sam Fox 

1991: Andrew N. Baur and Ted C. Wetterau 

1990: Clarence C. Barksdale, Mrs. Stephen F. Brauer, Benjamin F. Edwards III, Sam Fox 

1989: August A. Busch III, Richard J. Mahoney, William E. Maritz 

1988: David C. Farrell, Charles F. Knight, Lee M. Liberman and Sanford N. McDonnell 

1987: Lee M. Liberman