Answer These Four Questions to Find your Volunteer Match

In 2017, St. Louis residents completed more than 227,000 service hours through United Way of Greater St. Louis’ Volunteer Center. To put that number in perspective, that’s like watching 2,600 movies!


With so many ways to give back, choosing a cause to support can be as difficult as choosing a new movie to watch, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are four questions to help you discover a volunteer opportunity you’ll love.


1. What’s your passion? 

To find your passion, ask yourself: What makes you wake up in the morning ready to jump out of bed? Be the change you want to see in the world! For more ideas, ask your family or friends how they give back in their community and tag along with them to see if that cause is right for you. It might be; it might not be. Either way, you’ll take advantage of an opportunity to do good.


2. How much time can you give?

Knowing how much time you’re able to give will help you make a realistic commitment that fits into your schedule, while maximizing the impact you can make. Decide whether a one-time volunteer experience, like picking up trash at the park, or an ongoing commitment, like peer mentoring, is best for you.


3. What skills can you bring? 

For any volunteer opportunity, your skills and life experiences are what set you apart and empower you to make a difference. If you’re an expert at organizing, volunteer to plan a fundraising event for your favorite nonprofit. More into crunching numbers? Find local after-school programs where you can help kids with homework.


4. How do you prefer to work? 

If you like to work independently, search for opportunities you can complete on your own time, like United Way of Greater St. Louis’ volunteer DIY projects. If you’re more of a team player, find opportunities at food pantries and shelters, where larger groups are needed.


No matter how you answer these questions, United Way of Greater St. Louis can help you find the right opportunity for you! Check out our Volunteer Center to see what, or who, needs your help in our community.



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James Taylor
James Taylor