Four Donations Food Banks Need Most



Four Donations Food Banks Need Most


By supporting people’s basic needs, including access to nutritious foods, we are helping people now so they can be better positioned to become independent later.


Last year, more than 37,115,000 meals were provided by United Way supported agency food bank and pantry programs.


Want to help fight hunger and food insecurity in our region? These items are in high demand at food pantries and food banks across our community.


Canned ravioli, chicken and fish

Because they’re non-perishable and good sources of protein, they’re some of the most versatile items to donate. Easy-to-open cans allow kids to serve themselves while their parents are at work.


Canned fruits and vegetables

These make great snacks or side dishes for larger meals. No-sugar-added and low-sodium varieties are the healthiest to donate.


Instant oatmeal packets

Oatmeal is a quick, healthy and filling breakfast that only requires water.


Shelf-Stable Milk

Fresh milk is only good for a week or two, but shelf-stable or powdered milk can last up to five years.


Did you know?

Many food pantries and food banks also accept non-food donations that help families meet their basic needs:

  • Household items, such as soaps, detergents and toilet paper
  • Baby products, including diapers, soaps and formula
  • Feminine hygiene products




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