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Provide Food & Shelter

By supporting people’s basic needs, we are helping people now so they can be better positioned to become independent later.

How We Provide Food & Shelter

Food & Shelter

Everyone deserves food and a safe place to sleep. These basic needs are consistently the top reasons why people call United Way 2-1-1 for help. United Way not only helps put callers in contact with agencies that can provide such basic needs, we also fund much of the area’s basic needs assistance.

Safe Havens

Getting out of an abusive situation can be extremely challenging. Abuse stems from control and it often takes professional intervention for a person to fully escape. United Way funds everything from violence crisis lines to shelters for abuse survivors.

Violence Prevention

United Way funds local nonprofit organizations that work to prevent violence before it happens. Teaching kids as young as elementary school about healthy relationships, how to identify abuse, risk factors for violence and what to do in an abusive situation helps prepare them for their dating life and adulthood.

Address the Whole Issue

Oftentimes basic needs aren’t so basic. It’s important to provide food and shelter when someone is in need. It’s also important to explore why food, shelter and other assistance is needed. It could be because of a family crisis, unemployment, history of poverty — the list goes on, but United Way works to address the whole issue to help break the cycle of poverty for families and to help lift people up to reach their full potential.

By supporting people’s basic needs, we are helping people now so that they can be better positioned to become independent later. In 2017, our partner agencies and programs reported:

people had their immediate basic needs met

people transitioned to an improved, stable living situation

survivors of domestic violence gained strategies for safety

Fighting for Families

There’s no public fanfare. No trophies or medal ceremonies. Just hard work. Clock-in and never clock-out work. But the payoff for that 24/7 work is priceless. Thanks to a selfless uncle and a little help from United Way, together these sisters are part of a family.

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A Family of Her Own

When it came to light that at just 3 years old Alexis had suffered severe abuse in her biological home, her adoptive parents turned to a United Way funded agency for help. Through family-centered therapy, Alexis was given a second chance at life and, most importantly, a safe and loving forever home.

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Elevated Dreams

Sometimes little things make the biggest difference. Without a key, a car won’t start. Without a bit, a drill is ineffective. Darius had the tools necessary to succeed, but was missing a few crucial elements.

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