Plan a Day of Action in 4 steps



Plan a Day of Action in 4 steps


Each year, communities across the country host a Day of Action to encourage volunteers to connect with and make their community a better place.


As April, Global Volunteer Month, is rapidly approaching, why not organize your own Day of Action with your family? Children, teens and adults all learn invaluable life lessons from volunteering, and the whole family will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges faced by your community as well as develop a passion for giving back.


Here are four tips to plan your own Day of Action with your family.



Make it fun

It may sound simple, but if your family has fun volunteering, they’ll probably want to do it again and again!


The key? Find out your family’s passion. Ask yourself, what do they enjoy? Do they have any special interests or favorite hobbies?


From working with animals to gardening and spending time with senior citizens and kids, there are plenty of opportunities across the region to discover something you and your family will love.


To give everyone buy-in with the project, ask your family to help you pick how you will give back. You never know – you may learn something new about what they’re interested in!



Make it educational

Opportunities that take your family out of their comfort zones, such as visiting a new neighborhood or practicing a new skill, will broaden their horizons, teach them about the challenges some of their neighbors face and show how they can take action.


Consider projects that involve teamwork, collaboration and interaction with others. Volunteering is also a natural opportunity to practice good values, like cooperation, compassion and selflessness. Practicing these skills from a young age will prepare children and young adults to take more active roles in their communities later on.


On a practical level, volunteering can teach kids and teens job skills and help them find interests that can turn into careers. For example, helping to organize a food pantry can foster a love of numbers, and helping at an animal shelter can encourage them to consider a career as a veterinarian. Even for adults, volunteering offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.



Make it a community effort

Once you’ve found a volunteer project you love, why not ask others to join?


Invite your neighborhood, school or church to participate and magnify your impact! Clothing and food drives are the perfect opportunity to bring people together and work toward a greater goal.



Make it a tradition

If your family’s first Day of Action is a success, why not make it an annual, monthly or even weekly event? You’ll create lasting memories that your family will cherish for years to come.


Volunteering consistently is key to creating a lasting impact on the community, too. By staying dedicated and consistently giving your time to causes that help others, you can transform lives. And when one of us is helped, all of us are lifted.



Using these tips and our Volunteer Center you can plan the perfect Day of Action for your family in no time – just in time to celebrate Volunteer Month!


Take Action Now:

  • Share this with your family and friends! Encourage them to join you on your Day of Action.
  • Find a volunteer opportunity perfect for your family.
James Taylor
James Taylor