Charmaine Chapman Society membership gives and receives


The Charmaine Chapman Society embodies the legacy of black philanthropy in the St. Louis Region. With over 600 members, it is the number one charitable program for Black leaders in the nation and provides a powerful platform to invest back into our community. In addition to creating a force to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most, membership also presents access to unique opportunities.


For instance, members have opportunities to network with like-minded community leaders and access to local speakers with expertise in different fields. Recently, to kick off the 2021 United Way campaign, the Charmaine Chapman Society welcomed a special guest speaker, Chief Diversity Officer at Lindenwood University, Emily Pitts. With over 35 years of corporate experience, Emily developed and influenced leadership teams at all levels and was the first African American woman General Partner at Edward Jones. She played a key role in creating and leading programs that formalized diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. Attendees were inspired by her leadership journey and gained practical tips on planning and reaching career goals. Watch the video below to access this leadership presentation.




To learn more about some the ways Charmaine Chapman Society is leading the way in black philanthropy, read the recent article published in the St. Louis American.