Five Reasons to Make Giving Back a Priority this Year

As you take the time to pencil in everything you want to accomplish in 2019, don’t forget about giving back to your community.

There are plenty of reasons to make giving part of your annual goals, and donating to charity can do more for yourself than you think.

Giving your time and money to causes you care about can drastically change your mood.

According to a Harvard Health study, those who give monthly have a 7 percent chance of feeling “very happy,” compared to those who don’t give at all. Basically, the more you donate your time or treasure to charity, the happier you feel.

Unlimited happiness just not convincing you to incorporate giving into your goals for 2019? Five more reasons should do the trick:

1. Join a community. Besides donating to a cause you care about, you’ll also meet like-minded people who care about similar causes as you. 

2. Live longer. Studies show selflessness decreases stress levels and lengthens lifespans. Participating in feel-good activities can up your attitude and decrease social anxiety. 

3. Make an impact. By donating to an organization, you help activate social responsibility among your friends and coworkers who are aware of your donations.

4. Get the job. People who volunteer increase their odds of getting a job by 27 percent, according to a report from AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.

5. Motivate others. By giving your own time and money, you provide others with a reason to trust that organization. According to a Nielsen Company report on advertising trust, 92 percent of people trust a recommendation from a friend or family member instead of a brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Make an impact on your community today by giving to an organization you care about.

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James Taylor
James Taylor