United Way 2-1-1 Got Mary Back On Her Feet
After grief and homelessness, Mary* was able to find resources through a friendly United Way 2-1-1 operator.


Several years ago, Mary lost a family member and had lost the extra support she was receiving to care for another family member. She was unable to make payments to her home, which left her living in her car. Mary was in survival mode, so the “weight of grief didn’t really hit hard at first.”


After a while, the stress of living in her car and all of the repressed grief got to Mary. She saw a post on Facebook about the United Way 2-1-1 non-emergency helpline. Mary did some research and found out they could help her find food and even possibly affordable housing, so she decided to reach out for help.


“The 2-1-1 operator was so friendly! Not only did she help me find food pantries and an affordable place to live, but she also realized that I was emotionally hurting just as much as I was physically hurting,” Mary said. “She provided me with resources that connected me with affordable counseling, and she even let me know of a few grief support groups in my area.”


Because of United Way 2-1-1’s efforts to help those in need, Mary was able to grieve her family member’s loss, receive healthy food to eat, and have a roof over her head while getting back on her feet.


If you or someone you know needs help, contact 2-1-1 by calling or texting 1-800-427-4626 or visiting 211helps.org, where you can utilize an online chat, search directory or mobile app.


*Name has been changed for privacy.