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The St. Louis region is our home. Together, we can make it stronger.


Our region’s landscape is as varied as those that call it home. That’s why we fight for the basic needs, health, education and financial stability for all of us.


Together, we elevate the entire region. 1 in 3 local people receive support through United Way each year. That’s 1 million people living in our region.


This is United Way’s impact in our St. Louis region.


This is what it means to be Helping Here.

Whether you can make a one-time $5 donation or become a monthly donor, you can be confident your support helps local people regain stability and build a brighter future.


$5 monthly

could help feed 180 families

$20 monthly

could provide 144 meals for homebound seniors

$100 monthly

could help provide 120 infants with critical flu shots

Our community’s stories

Every person helped in our community makes our region stronger. These stories are the reason we believe in what we do.

This support was there for Rory, a single mom, when she lost her job due to COVID-19. Because of United Way’s support, a local youth center began providing meals, which helped her fill the gaps. Today, that same youth center continues to lift up the family through critical afterschool programs, so that Rory can work to support her family while her kids receive tutoring and enrichment to thrive in school and beyond.

Nick, a veteran with PTSD, had trouble being in public with others and fears of driving a car, severely impacting his quality of life. He got connected with a United Way supported nonprofit that matched him with a specially trained service dog named Chumley. Nick is now more confident traveling outside his home and doing everyday things in the community, like grocery shopping and getting a haircut.

Jessica, who has Lupus, lost her income and couldn’t afford to pay for crucial medications, which put her at risk. Thankfully, a United Way supported organization helped her cover the cost, stabilizing her health while she searched for a new job.

When Arissa first got connected with a United Way supported mentoring program in grade school, she was struggling with her self-esteem and her grades were suffering. Arissa’s mentor helped her find her strengths and improve her confidence. Now, Arissa gives back as a mentor to others and looks forward to starting college next year.

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