The Power of Early Pledging: 3 Reasons it Matters

At the heart of our community lies the potential to uplift, support and spark change. An early pledge to United Way of Greater St. Louis is not just a gesture; it’s a catalyst for transformation. What defines an early pledge? It’s a commitment made before the official start of the community campaign season—an affirmation of your unwavering dedication to United Way’s vital mission.

Here’s why making your commitment before the official community campaign season begins matters:

#1 It fuels strategic planning.

Early commitments assist United Way in planning more effectively and allocating resources strategically for maximum impact. It provides stability and predictability when planning initiatives and programs.

United Way helps 1 million people in our region each year. Your commitment enables United Way to provide stable funding throughout the year to a network of over 160 local nonprofits that address a breadth of community needs—from food and shelter to youth programming, jobs and financial mobility to health and wellness, and community stability to crisis response.

#2 It drives innovation.

With early commitments, United Way has the opportunity to innovate and invest in sustainable solutions to meet community challenges.

Early pledging empowers United Way to innovate and effectively address needs through ground-breaking initiatives such as the Community Information Exchange (CIE), a technological tool that connects an individual’s needs to a cooperative group of healthcare systems and community-based organizations in one conversation. Last year alone, the CIE facilitated over 2,500 referrals, demonstrating the tangible impact of early support.

#3 You lead by example.

Early pledging sets an example for others in the community, potentially encouraging a ripple effect of generosity. Taking the lead in pledging early, not only solidifies one’s commitment to our community but also inspires others to do the same. United Way can maximize its impact and create lasting change for those in need.

Helping someone like Sarah, who needed help finding steady employment and housing and outlining a substantive plan for her life after she and her daughters were forced to live in a shelter due to instability. A United Way partner agency helped her create an action plan where she outlined goals that would help her change her life. Consulting with a success coach and addressing her personal wellness issues changed the trajectory of her life. She is now employed, financially stable and has permanent housing.

An early pledge solidifies your commitment – actively affirming your dedication to making our community a better place for all. For further information on how to pledge early, please contact

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Ninette Querimit
Ninette Querimit