Navigating Purposeful Networking: A Recap of the “Networking with Purpose” Workshop

In a world where connections are the currency of success, the recent Networking with Purpose workshop provided a roadmap to transform networking into meaningful and impactful interactions. Led by the esteemed Steph Auping, co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Leadership & Co., the event was a game-changer for all who attended.

The workshop served as a powerful reminder of the significant role our networks play in our personal and professional lives. Our networks are more than just a collection of contacts; they are the conduits to endless opportunities and support systems during our growth journeys. Steph Auping’s insightful guidance helped attendees navigate the intricate art of forging connections with intentionality.

Throughout the interactive session, attendees were equipped with invaluable tools and strategies to expand their networks and do so with a purpose. From mapping and analyzing existing connections through “social cartography” to learning how to make strategic PROasks and PROoffers, the workshop delved into the heart of purposeful networking and highlighted the United Way network as a powerful platform for both professional advancement and community contribution.

The event concluded with a “happy half-hour,” where participants could practice their newfound networking skills in a friendly and supportive environment. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as attendees exchanged ideas, experiences, and contact information, solidifying the workshop’s lessons in a tangible way.

This professional development event was an exclusive benefit offered to all Leadership Giving Society members who give $1,000 and above. Photos from the event can be viewed here.

It was generously hosted by Daugherty Business Solutions and presented by Edward Jones.

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Ninette Querimit
Ninette Querimit