A Love Letter to the St. Louis Region

A Love Letter to the St. Louis Region

Dear Greater St. Louis region,

There are so many reasons why we love you.

We’re spoiled by historical landmarks and cultural institutions, including our award-winning zoo in Forest Park and the ancient Cahokia Mounds.

Our sports fans have incredible spirit, and there are so many teams to cheer on, from the championship-winning Blues and Cardinals to the Grizzles, Lions, Billikens, Battlehawks, St. Louis FC and soon, a long-awaited major league soccer team.

We are a diverse region, bringing different cultures and ideas together to make us who we are.

Our cuisine is something you can’t get anywhere else – toasted ravioli and barbeque, anyone?

From PumpkinFest in Waterloo to the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park, we’ve got a thing for festivals and parades and know how to celebrate like nobody else.

And we love how, time and time again, we come together in the spirit of compassion to help one another – whether in times of natural disaster or the day-to-day helping hand for a neighbor. This is what makes our region truly one-of-a-kind, from one side of the river to the other.

But we also know that things aren’t perfect.

We face serious challenges – racial disparities, housing and food insecurity, lack of access to healthcare and transportation, natural disasters, inadequate employment and education, and more. Not everyone has access to the things that make our community great, or to the resources they need to survive and thrive.

Our neighbors’ needs look different in different communities, and it will take continual work to find solutions.

That’s where United Way comes in. We think we all deserve a bright future, and in the years ahead, we remain committed to helping our region be the best it can be and breaking down the barriers that divide us.

We’re staying true to our vision for the community we love – a strong, healthy and equitable community supported by a safety net of nonprofit organizations that help people.

So, St. Louis community, we believe there’s plenty to love about our future. We envision an equitable region where your zip code doesn’t determine success. A community where more people come together for volunteering and serve as allies and advocates for one another. A network of strong partnerships that are the foundation of our community and don’t let anyone fall through the cracks. A place where individuals and families have access to the resources, tools and services they need to live their best possible lives.

After a nearly 100-year history, we’re still committed to leading with impact and helping our community be its best.

We look forward to taking this journey with you.


United Way of Greater St. Louis

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James Taylor
James Taylor