The Four Ways You’re Helping Here in the St. Louis Region

As a community, we are all interconnected. Each of our actions impacts others. We rely on each other to thrive, and when one of us is helped, we are all lifted.

That means that you – yes, you – are an important part of our community. What you do matters to those around you. And, we want to make sure you’re aware of what you’re doing through supporting United Way.

You are our strong partner in our mission. Your generosity translates into stable funding for nonprofits and programs that help 1 in 3 people in 16 counties throughout Illinois and Missouri, from Alton to Arnold; O’Fallon, MO, to O’Fallon, IL; and everywhere in between.

United Way is the connective thread that keeps the St. Louis region intact. With your support, United Way is Helping Here, ensuring that everyone has somewhere to turn for help with everyday needs and in times of crisis.

Here’s how your support is empowering United Way to keep Helping Here in the St. Louis community.

You’re caring for local people.

At some point or another, we all need help – whether it’s finding resources for an aging parent, extra help in school, help affording the basics after losing income, specialized training to re-enter the workforce – the list goes on.

In typical economic times, 43% of all households in the St. Louis region do not have the income to meet their basic needs. And that’s without factoring in the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, when all of us were impacted by countless unforeseen challenges and changes.

In 2020, United Way helped 81,838 people meet their immediate basic needs. 2,052 children were prepared to enter Kindergarten. 17,905 people got help managing chronic health conditions. 11,327 people found or kept a job to build a brighter future.  

You are the engine that drives this incredible impact. Your investment in United Way means that local people always have someone to call for help, and that the nonprofits they turn to have the resources to help local people not just survive, but thrive.


You’re creating strong infrastructure for our community.

It takes a network of strong local nonprofits, supported by stable funding, to address our community’s complex needs and create lasting change. Your generosity not only brings this network together, but keeps it strong.  

Because of your support, United Way provides vital funding to more than 160 St. Louis area nonprofits that, together, form a safety net for the entire community.

Each service provides another thread to the safety net: Childcare allows parents to go to work and provide for the families. Mentorship programs bolster our community’s workforce. Senior centers provide meals and companionship. Community helplines connect people to crucial resources during a crisis.

When you support United Way, you strengthen this safety net for all of our neighbors, making sure that it’s able to continue to meet both the everyday and evolving needs of our community, now and for generations to come.  

You’re investing in innovation.

Your support of United Way fosters innovation in the safety net. Stable funding empowers local nonprofits to move quickly to respond to our region’s most pressing issues and changing needs.

For example, NPower Missouri’s NPowerMATCH platform virtually matches job seekers with professional mentors to help them practice their skills and build their networks. FamilyForward is using a new clinical approach to mapping the brain to help address developmental trauma. Nonprofits across the region have been able to move crucial programming online to continue to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Because you invest in this network of nonprofits, you also empower them to build strong partnerships for greater impact. This collaboration fueled the United to Help our Neighbors program, which brought together United Way’s network of partners to assist people facing income loss due to the COVID-19 crisis in regaining stability. Because of your support of the program, local nonprofits had a platform to interface and offer comprehensive wrap-around services to those in need.

By supporting United Way, you empower the Safety Net to continue to grow and evolve over time to deliver the help our region needs.

You’re breaking down barriers.

Racial equity remains at the forefront of United Way’s efforts. When you make a gift to United Way, you join in this crucial mission to create a safe and healthy St. Louis community for everyone.

United Way applies a racial equity lens to better understand how needs are experienced differently by varying racial groups. This helps us make funding decisions that consider the role race plays in meeting needs. Our weighted formula emphasizing racial equity, depth and breadth of services, outcomes and alignment with community needs allows us to distribute funds more equitably throughout our region.

United Way also partners with programs and agencies that create equitable conditions and opportunities across our region. This includes the Building Union Diversity Program, which connects women and minority workers with high-demand jobs in the construction industry.

Your support allows United Way to align resources and build partnerships that work together effectively for all and position our region for a better tomorrow.

Thank you!

YOU are our valued partner in Helping Here. Your support powers United Way’s mission to help people live their best possible lives and build a stronger St. Louis region for all. Thank you for all you do to support the community through United Way!

James Taylor
James Taylor