In our area, one in three people receive help from the local organizations supported by United Way of Greater St. Louis. Here are three ways your contributions are shaping our region and helping people.


1. Your gift to United Way is invested the way you choose.


When you give to United Way of Greater St. Louis’ general fund, your dollars are allocated to more than 160 member agencies that serve the needs of the St. Louis region. The dollars invested into these agencies are critical for the infrastructure of services people need – everything from emergency shelters for families, to tutors for kids struggling with school, to youth character development, to support for people with cancer.


Some donors and organizations direct their gift through United Way. An example of this would be a company that wants to invest into specific programs in the region through United Way. In a scenario like this, United Way works with the company to ensure their dollars are put to the best use possible by providing monitoring and oversight of the gifts. By doing this, United Way is able to use its expertise and deep understanding of local issues and needs to further invest into our region.


2. Your gift is combined with many others to make an even greater impact.


One of the most amazing things about United Way is that it’s a collective effort from hundreds of thousands of local people. United Way brings people from all walks of life, backgrounds and areas together to do one thing: help local people live their best possible lives.


This sort of collective force has a huge impact on our region. Whether dollars are invested into our traditional member agency system, United Way 2-1-1, community programs and initiatives, or specific areas of need, more dollars than ever are invested in our region through United Way.


3. Your gift makes a difference.


Not to get all sappy on you, but your gift makes a difference in the lives of so many. You can read about Doshiemae, Anna, Charlie, and others to see your gift in action. Your support means so much.



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