The power of a smile

Eva has been helping people since she was just 5 years old. Caring exists in every fiber of her life.


She’s the friendly face everyone looks forward to seeing at Northside Youth and Senior Services Center since she started volunteering there two years ago. She works tirelessly to ensure nobody ever feels alone or like they’re giving up their pride to ask for help.


“I say, ‘Hi. Good morning. What are you doing today? What are you going to eat today?’ It makes them feel good, it makes me feel good,” says Eva.


She always speaks up for those who may have a hard time speaking for themselves, and she makes sure all the seniors have access to the services they need for a good life.


If someone doesn’t show up to Northside on time, Eva calls and makes sure they’re okay. When someone is sick, she checks in on them and makes sure they have everything they need. When someone’s hungry, she makes them breakfast. If they need to get somewhere, she arranges transportation.


Prior to joining Northside, Eva volunteered at a different senior center that closed. Knowing the importance of that program, Eva led the efforts to keep all seniors engaged and transitioned to Northside without leaving a single person out.


With perfect attendance since July 2016, Eva’s commitment to helping others is extraordinary.


“I get up with a smile on my face,” she says. “I feel good about myself before I start my day, and just know I’m going to make it good for somebody besides me today.”


Her advice to others wanting to give back is to listen to what others have to say.


“Learn how to sit down and listen to what they’ve got to tell you,” she says. Listening, she says, is the key to helping.


About Northside Youth and Senior Service Center


The mission of the Northside Youth and Senior Service Center is to enhance the quality of life of their clients by serving the basic needs of the elderly, children and families in the St. Louis Metropolitan area by providing; 1) access to education, counseling and health services; 2) recreation and social program; 3) daily nutritional meals.

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