Health and Wellbeing

Access to resources like healthcare and treatment programs means a person can have a better today, tomorrow and future. Being healthy is key to living a full life; that’s why we help people receive the assistance they need to maintain physical, mental and emotional health.
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What We’re Facing

more than 650

people in Missouri alone died from opioid overdoses in 2016


requests received from United Way 2-1-1 were connected to healthcare last year


of 204 requests for medical assistance couldn't be met

Addressing the Need

Access to Healthcare Supports

Healthcare is part of the foundation that promotes and maintains health, reduces illness and achieves better health outcomes for the entire community. Without affordable, accessible and high-quality healthcare, our community members are susceptible to unmet health needs, financial burdens and more.

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Mental illness and substance abuse issues can have far-reaching impacts, affecting a person’s family, financial well-being, physical health and more. For example, the opioid crisis has deeply affected our community and will have long-lasting effects. Access to education, treatment programs and other resources keep people not just physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally healthy, too.

Physical Health

At some point in every person’s life, their physical health will be challenged and it will never be easy. Over 38% of adults in Missouri have a disability, and 7% struggle with small tasks, like visiting a doctor’s office. Individuals and families diagnosed with chronic illnesses need education on treatment options, healthy behaviors, tracking medications and helping family members cope.

Aging and Senior Support

Over 113,000 of seniors in St. Louis City live alone, and for most, staying active and independent in their homes is very important. Helping senior citizens live independently through services like transportation assistance, case management, health services and adult day care improves their quality of life.

Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Since 29% of our neighbors in Missouri live with a disability, access to services is vital. Life skills programs, job training, recreation, caregiver support, counseling, and therapy help people with disabilities live independently and productively in their communities.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis

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