Jobs and Financial Mobility

If families and individuals have secure financial footing, they are less likely to require other services and more likely to find success. We provide education, training and other resources to help people become financially stable in the future.
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What We’re Facing


of calls to 211 are job-related, like needing help with employment

More than 42%

of households in the St. Louis region don't make enough to afford their basic needs


poverty rate in St. Louis metropolitan area

Addressing the Need


Did you know on average each household with a credit card carries over $8,000 in credit card debt? Unsustainable debts can keep people from affording their basic needs or saving for the future. By managing debt, people may be able to break the cycle of poverty and provide for themselves and their families.

Financial Education

Poverty will touch many Americans at some point during their lives. In 2018, 38.1 million people were in poverty and Missouri made up 11.5%. Without financial education and resources to help people understand how to manage money, it’s difficult to break the cycle and become financially stable in the long run.

Financial Safety Net

For individuals and families without savings, a single unexpected expense can cause a financial crisis. Knowing how to create a financial safety net helps people deal with the unexpected and avoid falling deeper into debt and poverty.


Having a reliable, steady income is important to save for the future and maintain a good quality of life. However, more than 42% of households in the St. Louis region don’t make enough to afford their basic needs, like groceries or the electricity bill.


To create a diverse, qualified workforce in the St. Louis region, people need jobs that empower people to afford daily expenses.

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