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Improve Health

Being healthy is vital for children to grow and develop and for adults to live a full and productive life.

How We Improve Health

Managing Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic health conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and asthma have devastating effects beyond the immediate physical consequences. These conditions impact the emotional and financial well-being of individuals and families in significant and permanent ways.

Individuals and families diagnosed with chronic illnesses will need education on treatment options, healthy behaviors, tracking medications and helping family members cope. United Way partner agencies annually educate thousands of people who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease and identify thousands more who could be impacted in the future by conducting health screenings.

No matter your age or status in life, being diagnosed with a chronic illness or disease can be a frightening experience. Caring support in the form of counseling, medical equipment, crisis phone services, support groups, online communities, hospice and more are available to local people through United Way’s support.

Supporting People with Disabilities

People with disabilities sometimes need specialized supports to live full lives – lives where employment, enrichment and education are within reach. United Way of Greater St. Louis partners with local agencies that support children and adults with developmental disabilities, hearing and vision loss, and other physical and sensory challenges. Through life skills programs, employment training, recreational programs, support for caregivers, counseling and therapy, these agencies remove barriers and help people live independently and productively in their communities.

Keeping Older Adults Safe, Independent and Active

Being able to stay active and in their home for as long as possible is important to most seniors. But in order to do so safely, older adults may need physical modifications to their home, meal assistance or delivery, organized activities, homemaker services or money management assistance. United Way partners with agencies who provide older adults the tools and resources to be able to stay active and in their homes longer, promoting the wellbeing of seniors and our community as a whole.

Promoting Mental Health & Wellness

Mental illness and substance abuse issues can have far-reaching impacts, affecting a person’s family, financial well-being, physical health, and more. Further complicating matters, people who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse often face strong social stigmas that make it difficult to seek and receive treatment and support. United Way of Greater St. Louis supports agencies that offer individuals and their families counseling, education, substance abuse prevention and recovery programs, crisis intervention, in-school programming, mental health advocacy workplace wellness and more.

Being healthy is vital for children to grow and develop and for adults to live a full, productive life. In 2017, our partner agencies and programs reported:

people experienced fewer negative mental, emotional, behavioral symptoms

individuals with disabilities gained independent living skills

people successfully managed their chronic health conditions

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