United Way currently supports a network of more than 160 member agencies that, based on the available unrestricted funding raised during the campaign, receive an annual allocation of funds from United Way for general operating support. United Way staff and volunteers provide oversight and monitoring of these agencies to ensure outcomes and impact are achieved.


The current investment process is set on a legacy model, meaning once a non-profit was accepted as a member agency, they would infinitely receive funding from United Way. United Way has not been able to accept or fund any new member agencies since 2014.


Community Investment 2020 allows for an open and competitive application process for United Way funding based on a three-year grant cycle. This process allows for United Way to direct its support to non-profits and programs whose services align with the results of the Community Needs Assessment.


The funding through Community Investment 2020 will still provide local non-profits with general operating support, and staff and volunteers will still provide oversight and monitoring of all non-profits that receive United Way funds.

James Taylor