Critical support for East St. Louis



Critical support for East St. Louis


East St. Louis and its surrounding area are some of the most underserved communities in our region. With many families already facing limited access to transportation, childcare and grocery stores, COVID-19 has made it even harder for many to afford and access basic needs. Since the start of COVID-19, United Way 2-1-1 has seen a 115% increase in calls from East St. Louis for food assistance.


Recognizing the unique needs in this community, United Way recently helped launch the East St. Louis Area COAD, a collective of local nonprofits and other stakeholders, to direct an effective, collaborative response to this crisis.



Providing groceries to the most vulnerable


Additionally, United Way is supporting organizations that are serving families in the East St. Louis area through emergency response grants, like Catholic Urban Programs (CUP).


CUP is providing targeted food assistance to local people by distributing food boxes to feed entire families, including recipes and tips for stretching meals and staying healthy. Last week alone, they provided 3,400 meals to feed families with limited transportation and access to grocery stores, children who rely on school lunches, and single-parent households with limited income.


Organizations like CUP are essential to ensuring our neighbors have what they need to stay strong, now and for the future.

We’re all in this together


This is just one example of the critical work being done in our community right now. In the coming weeks, United Way will continue to stand by our region, helping with both critical disaster relief and long-term recovery efforts.





  • Learn more about our response efforts.
  • If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, dial 2-1-1 or visit to get connected to local resources.
James Taylor
James Taylor